1.8L Thermos Bottle
  • Air Pro1.8L Thermos Bottle
  • Air Pro1.8L Thermos Bottle
  • Air Pro1.8L Thermos Bottle
  • Air Pro1.8L Thermos Bottle

1.8L Thermos Bottle

그만큼 following 이다 약 1.81.8L 보온병 Bottle related,I 기대 에 도움 you ...보다 나은 understand 1.81.8L 보온병 Bottle.

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생산물 기술

1.8L 보온병


빠른 세부 사항

Brand Name: Keyster

음료 & nbsp; ware Type:Vacuum Flasks & amp; 보온병

Applicable People:All

단열 성능 : 24 시간

Bottle Type:Vacuum


생산 : 진공 플라스크

인증 : CE / EU, FDA, LFGB, SGS

Feature:Eco-Friendly, Portable, Stocked

Material:Plastic Body, glass liner

사용법 : 물, 커피, 차, 음주

Capacity: 1.8L

유형 : 뜨거운 유지 & amp; 냉수 병

Packing:Egg Crate

Place of Origin:Nantong, Jiangsu, China

Thermos insulation principle

The principle of thermos insulation means that the cork stopper is used to prevent the convection between hot and cold air; the gap between the double-layer bottles is vacuumed to solve the heat conduction; a thin layer of silver is applied to the bottle. Make it a mirror that reflects light and reflects heat, so that the silver layer is used to block the heat radiation. In this way, heat will not be lost and will play a role in heat preservation.

새로운 보온병이 절연되어 있는지 확인하는 방법

Attach the empty bottle to your ear. The bigger the echo, the better! This is a way to detect whether the water bottle has cracked. The sound is the echo of the air flow. The bigger the echo, the better!


사용 설명서

1. 예열 또는 예냉을 위해 용기 뚜껑 내부와 용기 내부 및 외부를 철저히 청소하십시오 (뜨거운 물 또는 차가운 물로 채우고 5 ~ 10 분 동안 뚜껑을 덮고 용기에 물을 부으십시오) 열 보존 효과를 더 잘 유지하십시오.

2. 병 라이너는 심한 진동을 피해야하며 하단 테일 파이프가 손상되어서는 안됩니다. 그렇지 않으면 열 보전 성능이 손실됩니다.

3. When purchasing the bottle liner assembly, do not force the bottle liner into the shell; check that the bottom bottom screw is flat and well, and tighten the bottle when tightening the bottle.

4, 화상을 입지 않도록 어린이가 만질 수없는 곳에 두십시오.


왜 우리를 선택 했죠?

1. 우리는 격리 된 도시락을위한 유리제 강선을 아직도 일으키고있는 중국에있는 유일한 제조자입니다.

2. Glass material insulation thermos bottle liner is more environmentally friendly and safer than stainless steel liner, and will not decompose harmful substances.

3. The company supports customizing various types of glass liners.

4. It can provide three kinds of environmental protection grades of medium and high temperature, which meet the import standards of any country in the world.



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